Monday, June 05, 2006

DPN goodness

So I started my first double pointed project, the hurry up spring armwarmers from the stitch 'n bitch nation book. And ooooooh they are fun :) I love love love noro. Here's the early stages: I feel like I'm knitting with three very big toothpicks. In other news I have to get my butt in gear and start studying for part I of boards. The problem is I can't get myself motivated because the test seems so far away. Sadly, its not. It's August 1st, which is SOON. And I wouldn't be so concerned about passing it the first time if the test didn't cost 600 dollars. I don't really have another 600 dollars to spend in December to retake it....that should probly be motivation enough to study straight until August :) My friend got the DS lite today, and I must say it is very pretty. I am very happy with the pink one Arbusto got me for Valentines day, but I was definatley lusting over the new one when I saw it. The screen is really bright and I like the size better. However I love my pink one so I can't complain!


Arbusto said...

Just to make you happy, Hi!

brooklyn said...

thank you arbusto :)

Arbusto said...

Anything for you, dearest.

And how many people did I just make vomit?