Friday, May 19, 2006

A lot of yarn

So somehow I managed to survive finals even with zero motivation. Most of the time when I should have been studying I was looking at stuff I could knit when finals were over. And that is how I ended up with a ridiculous amount of yarn when I came back from break :) Break was soooo good but went by way too fast. We usually get a week between quarters but it got cut short because of clinic orientation today. It was good to be back in to hang out with my parents for a bit and got up to see Arbusto too. And both of them took me to a yarn store :) This was the result of the trip to the yarn store in Rochester:

Yay for Noro! And yay for mom buying the Noro! I'm gonna use this for the armwarmers from the Stitch 'n Bitch Nation book....I've been wanting to make them since I first saw the book.

I also picked up some Rowan all seasons cotton when Arbusto (the wonderful, patient boyfriend he is) took me to the yarnery in St. Paul, which is honestly one of my favorite places on earth. I'm planning on using the Rowan for the Isabeau tote.

Oh yes, there's more. Actually we're going back in time now, since I picked this up before I left for Minnesota. I took a trip out to Arcadia knitting to de-stress after finals and saw the blue sky was so soft I couldn't put it down, so it came home with me. This is for the Lelah top, which is going to be converted from a strapless top to a tank (I don't do well with strapless).

And look what came today. During finals I ordered some knitpicks merino style for the deep V argyle vest and I just got it today. The brown is really a weird color but its growing on me. I was gonna send it back but I think I'm gonna keep it instead.

So yeah, I have enough yarn for awhile. I swore I wouldn't buy any more for the rest of the summer, but we'll see :) Ok one more picture:

And this one is actually of a project! Its the little Koigu ipod cozy I'm making. I am absolutley in LOVE with this yarn. I couldn't really think of anything else to make with it since I'm not really into the idea of making socks and this is such a thin yarn. I'm a dork and left the buttons I'm going to use for this at home so I have to wait for my mom to send them before I can really finish it, but its pretty close to being done. Ok thats it, no more pictures :)

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