Friday, May 05, 2006

I finally finished something!

I didn't realize it was this possible to be this unmotivated to study for finals. The lack of motivation and frustration with school in general has been bad for the grades but great for the knitting. I was so upset after my optometry practical last week that i went into a knitting frenzy. I started the anthropologie-inspried caplet an hour after my practical and finished it exactly one week later. I was pretty excited, seeing that this was my first non-scarf project. So here it is...

and here's the obligatory mirror shot:

I was so freaking excited when i got the sleeves seamed and it turned into something i could actually wear. yay for my first sweater! Well it's technically only half a sweater, but it's a start. And I want to wear it everyday cause i made it :)

So next up i'm thinking of doing Isabeau tote....sooooo cute.....and I also want to make Picovoli in Rowan kidsilk haze (I was originally thinking of doing the ballet t-shirt from loop-d-loop in the kidsilk, but I'm thinking Grumperina's pattern will look better on me). I've also been wanting to do the hourglass sweater from Last minute knitted gifts have been too scared to tackle it...but i think I might beable to handle it now :) Sadly all this must wait until after finals...gotta pass so they'll let me into clinic!


SouthernCanadian said...

That's a really cute sweater!

Oh, and Arbusto told me about trying to click on the picture (and his reasons for doing so). That's normal. I have a picture of myself taken from above, and after IrishTenor found it on my camera, he tried to hold it at an angle because he could "almost see down my shirt."

Arbusto said...

See, Lex! Look at that picture there!

Lex Fori said...

Dude, Arbusto, Kudos. Your girlfriend's totally hot.

That really is a super-cute sweater. How many hours did it take and how much would it cost me to get an "undocumented worker" to make me one, stat?