Wednesday, July 19, 2006

.....old lady????

So this morning, like every Wednesday morning, I walked to the train station so I could take the green line to school. After I swiped my card I heard them announce my train was coming soon, so I ran up the stairs as fast as I could to get to the platform. Now there are a lot of stairs and I had a big bag....and I am just a little bit out of I probably wasn't going as fast as I could have. But I thought it was a pretty good speed. However, right about when I was to the top of the stairs I heard some kid's voice right behind me say "hurry it up, old lady!!!" I expected there to actually be an old lady behind me when I turned around, but there was not. There was only the kid, probably 14 years old. Then it registered that he must be talking about me. Old lady? Old lady?????? Come on, I'm 24! And I was not going that slow!!! Now this really isn't a good week to mess with me with all the tests and stuff that are going on, but I managed to stay calm, smile, and just get on the train. Old lady. Yeesh. Poor Isabeau has been swallowed up by all the papers on my desk and there hasn't been any more progress on her. It's actually going to be a sad couple of weeks for knitting...I have a final tommorow and another on Saturday...and then boards of my next projected knitting date is August 2nd. And let me tell you, that is going to be a wonderful day. My plan is to go out and get the 1st season of Lost (I came in on the 2nd season, got addicted, but haven't seen most of the first season) right after boards. Then I am going to sit and knit and watch it, taking breaks only for the bathroom and food. I can't wait :)


sylv said...

Good luck with your finals !! I'll be keeping an eye for your Isabeau ..! (can you tell I can't wait to see more of them..? ;-) )

Arbusto said...

Hahahaha, old lady! hahahahaha.

brooklyn said...

Sylvie: Yay, thanks for stopping by! I'm excited to get the tote done, its a great pattern!!

Arbusto: It's not nice to laugh at your girlfriend :)