Tuesday, September 12, 2006

public debut

So I've been meaning to post for awhile now, but all of a sudden school kicked in again and I've been super busy. It's so weird, we really haven't had a lot to do for the past month and then BAM its back to normal. It's good I suppose, I was getting a little lazy, but it does seriously cut back on my knitting time hehe. Last Thursday night we had a 3 hour selection process for our externship sites so I figured I might as well bring my knitting. I must admit, I have never knitted in public before. And I was SCARED. I know, its silly, but I was afraid everyone was going to think I was nuts. I haven't met another knitter at school so I wasn't quite sure to expect. It actually took me an hour to muster up the courage to take the knitting out of my bag and start working on it. The first reaction was some laughter from a couple of my good friends, which I took as good "awwww, what a dork she's knitting but it's cute" laughter. So everything was still OK. And then a girl in front of me turned around, saw I was knitting, and got all excited because she was just learning. I couldn't believe it! Another knitter at school!! I am not alone!!!! And then, to make things even better, I got this in the mail the next day.... I've been eyeing this one for awhile, and I finally broke down and bought it the other day. I want to make just about everything in it, but I'll talk more about that on another post. Anyways, after seeing me with the book in class about 3 more people said they knit!!! This probably seems incredibly geeky but it made me very happy. I am not alone. I have been plugging away at my Clapotis but I won't bore you with progress photos (since there are about a million out there). The only thing that is keeping me going at this point is the fact that I want to wear it and that the yarn is so pretty. Otherwise I'm just a wee bit tired of the pattern (it is seriously a great pattern, I've just been at it tooooo long it feels like). I think I'm nearing the end though, hopefully I'll get it done within a week or so.

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